The Heights Event Venue

“The Heights” is a 7,200 square foot venue located on Greg and BrookeAnna Peterson’s farm that hosts wedding receptions, meetings, and large group gatherings. In select cases we may be able to host weddings as well (we will only host a few weddings per year). It is just south of iconic Coronado Heights and just 5 minutes from the tourist town of Lindsborg, KS. Learn more below! 

Advantages of hosting an event at “The Heights”

  • Less expensive alternative to hotels and more formal event centers
  • Convenient location…half a mile from a blacktop road and just two miles from town
  • Secluded location…no neighbors or public roads within a half a mile
  • Large interior space (7200 sq ft) with a concrete floor and balcony
  • Large capacity…up to 500 people and still room for a dance floor
  • Flexibility…cater food or bring your own food, drinks, etc. for no extra fee
  • Ample parking space next to building and along gravel driveway
  • Beautiful countryside view
  • Perfect place for a “rustic” themed reception
  • Surrounded by stunning, blooming sunflowers in August and September
  • Tourist activities at Coronado Heights or nearby Lindsborg, KS
  • Restaurants, hotels, and Bed & Breakfasts in nearby Lindsborg, KS
Please contact us for more information on cost, availability, etc. by scrolling down to the “contact form” at the bottom of this page. Pictures and more info below!
The building comes with 40 white tables, 400 chairs, trash cans, and multiple indoor restrooms. However, there is limited heat and no A/C. Holding your event later in the evening and opening the doors helps keep it cool. Closing the doors and using a provided shop heater helps keep it warm.IMG_0016
The farm is surrounded by sunflowers every August and September!


Pricing and Policies:

Click here to view PDF Document: The Heights Event Center

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About the Owners:


Greg and BrookeAnna Peterson both grew up in the Lindsborg, KS area. They attended the Lindsborg Covenant Church together, but didn’t really get to know each other until they were in a Bible Study that met on top of Coronado Heights each week in the summer of 2016. They began dating later that year and got engaged on Coronado Heights in August of 2017. They hosted their own wedding reception at “The Heights” in March 2018 (pictured above) and started their lives together on the farm. The Coronado Heights area is one of their favorite places in the world and they look forward to sharing it with others as part of their business.

About the Farm:

DCIM100MEDIADJI_0281.JPG“The Heights” is located on Greg and BrookeAnna’s farm north of Lindsborg, KS. The property was homesteaded by Greg’s great, great grandfather in the late 1800s. Many members of Greg’s extended family grew up and lived on this farm and value it greatly. Greg and BrookeAnna purchased the farm in 2017. We look forward to honoring its history and carrying on its legacy into the future!

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