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About Us

Hi everyone! Welcome to our website. Below you can read about who we are and what we do!


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Our Facebook page is where we post the most! We post updates from our farm, funny stuff we come up with, important articles, and of course all of our new video content! This is a community of over 400,000 people and we love hearing from all of them in the comments!


Our YouTube channel is how we got started and what we are most known for! From our entertaining parody music videos to our educational “Life of a Farmer” series, to our daily vlogs, you’ll find lots of great video content here. 50 million views and counting!


Our blog is designed to answer your questions about modern day farming. We’ve done blogs about GMOs, Pesticides, Hormones, Antibiotics, Animal Welfare, Organic Food, etc. If there’s a hot button topic in agriculture, we’ve tried to post our full opinion on it here!

Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat: @petefarmbros

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Tour of our Farm: 2018 Farm Tour

Each year in August we host a tour of our farm! Come meet us, see where we film our videos, learn about farming, and enjoy a live performance of our songs!


On our store website you can find t-shirts, posters, bumper stickers, and CDs/DVDs for sale! Perfect gifts for Christmas, birthdays, or any occasion!

About Us

The Peterson Farm Bros are made up of Greg (27), Nathan (24), Kendal (21), and honorary “bro” Laura (17) Peterson. We are siblings who farm together with our parents near Assaria, KS. We produce entertaining and educational videos on our YouTube channel and post continuous farming and video updates to our social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram). Ever since we began producing content, we have continued to realize a need to inform people about what we do in farming and in agriculture as a whole. There are many misconceptions about modern day farmers and we feel it is our calling to help correct some of those misconceptions. Aside from our production on social media, we travel around the country to speak on advocating for agriculture. We also blog about misunderstood topics in agriculture and open up our farm for tours. Through all of this we hope to educate the general public on where their food comes from and what a real Midwest family farm looks like!

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About Our YouTube Videos

The Peterson Farm Bros YouTube channel created it’s first upload in March of 2012 with a video featuring our whole family called “Wheat Harvest on a Real Family Farm in Kansas.” In May of 2012, Greg had an idea to make a parody music video with his brothers to help educate their city friends about farming. The video was filmed throughout the month of June and posted at the end of the month. It was entitled “I’m Farming and I Grow It,” and was a parody of the song “I’m Sexy and I Know It” by LMFAO. The song was a viral hit on YouTube and received over 5 million views in over 200 countries in 2 weeks. Since then, we have continued to make videos. We have done 13 total parody music videos (and many other videos) and are now over 50 million views on YouTube!


About Our Farm

Our farm is a 5th generation family farm located near Assaria, KS in the United States of America. Our Swedish ancestors homesteaded it in the 1800s and we still farm on the same land today. We primarily raise beef cattle in our backgrounding feeder operation. We also grow corn, alfalfa, and forage sorghum as feed for our cattle and we grow wheat, milo, and soybeans for cash crops. We have worked on our farm with our family our entire lives, and enjoy hosting tours of our farm each summer. (For tour information, click “farm tours” at the top of this page) There are many videos on our YouTube channel that show what we do on the farm!

Our farm in 1990. Our grandma lived here until 2015. Now Greg and Nathan live here.



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