The Peterson Farm Brothers are available to speak and perform at many different types of events! Please scroll down to view the types of events we speak at and the different presentations we give.

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Types of Events We Do:

  • Conventions
  • Conferences
  • Banquets
  • Farm Shows
  • Concerts
  • Meetings
  • Fundraisers/Benefits
  • Youth Events
  • State and County Fairs
  • High Schools/Elementary Schools

We do events as a trio as well as with just Greg as an individual speaker. We do keynote presentations, entertainment programs, inspirational and motivational presentations, workshops, meet and greets, panels, and more! Presentations can be altered to meet what would work best at a certain event.

Biography for Peterson Farm Brothers: The Peterson Farm Brothers are 3 brothers from central Kansas who create social media content to promote agriculture. Their YouTube videos have received over 50 million total views. The brothers grew up and still work on a family farm near Assaria, KS with their parents and sister. All 3 brothers attend or attended Kansas State University. Greg graduated in 2013, majoring in Agricultural Communications and Journalism. Nathan graduated in 2016, majoring in Agriculture Technology Management. Kendal is a senior majoring in Agribusiness. Because of their online success, the brothers have had many opportunities around the world to promote agriculture. However, their goal is still to operate the family farm together after college.


Biography for Greg Peterson: Greg Peterson is a 2013 graduate of Kansas State University where he majored in Agricultural Communications and Journalism. He grew up and still works on a family farm near Assaria, KS with his parents, 2 brothers, and sister. In 2012, Greg founded the “Peterson Farm Brothers” with his siblings. The videos that have resulted have reached over 50 million people in 5 years and have led to an increased role in agricultural advocacy for Greg. He has now given over 300 speaking presentations in 40 states and 8 countries and is passionate about the future of the agricultural industry.

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Biography for Greg and BrookeAnna Peterson: Greg and BrookeAnna Peterson were married in March of 2018. They farm together near Lindsborg, KS and create music together online. Greg graduated from Kansas State University in 2013. BrookeAnna attended Rocky Mountain College in Billings, MT. Together they hope to positively impact people through their marriage, their music, and their story.



Below are the different presentations we can give at an event! These presentations can be changed in order to fit what you are looking for, and please feel free to suggest something different!

I’m Farming and I Grow It: An AgVocating Success Story

Join Greg (or all 3) of the Peterson Farm Brothers for a story that’s entertaining, inspirational, and motivational for people of all ages, farmers or not. The story includes how we got started making videos, where all they’ve taken us, the power of communicating through social media, and the lessons we’ve learned in advocating for agriculture online. We will be performing several of our parody music videos throughout the presentation and will be more than happy to stick around afterward for pictures, autographs, and conversations with attendees.

Length: 45 minutes – 1 Hour plus possible Q&A time

Peterson Farm Brothers Behind the Scenes Workshop

Join Greg (or all 3 brothers) as he explains what all goes into the social media production of the Peterson Farm Brothers. From behind the scenes of making videos to explaining how we decide what, when, where, and how to post content, Greg will try to address all of your questions about how we are able to do what we do. He will also share tips of how to have conversations and respond to negative comments.

Length: 45 minutes

Why is Farming Important?

(Greg only)

A presentation designed for elementary school students that uses both our videos and Greg’s travel experiences to teach kids where food comes from and why farming is so important. Kids are by far Greg’s favorite audience to present to! For middle school or high school students, we typically recommend the “AgVocating Success Story” presentation.

Length: 1 hour

Celebrating the Diversity of Agriculture

(Greg only)

This presentation is an expanded version of the TEDx Talk Greg gave in 2016. It will cover the knowledge and perspectives he has gained from traveling around the world getting to tour farms of all different types. Greg will talk to the audience about why it is important that those of us in agriculture support one another and embrace different forms of farming, such as conventional and organic, but also demand truth and credibility in the marketing, education, and understanding of different technology used in agriculture.

Length: 45 minutes (Can also include 2-3 music videos to entertain)

Millennial Perspectives in Agriculture

(Greg Only)

Greg will share his experience of being a young farmer in America and the things he believes his generation brings to the table and cares about. He’ll relate diversity, public perspectives, consumer misconceptions, customer sensitivities, and the value of your company or industry choosing to be real and authentic. Greg will share his unique perspective about the power of social media and the influence that has on what your customers think, do and say.

Length: 45 minutes (Can also include 2-3 music videos to entertain)

Testimony of the Peterson Farm Brothers (And Wives)

Options: All 3 Peterson Brothers, Greg only, Greg and BrookeAnna, Kendal and Caelan

Greg will share the life changing story of the Peterson Farm Brothers and how he believes God has used a simple video to impact millions of people. He will also share his own personal testimony and how his experiences have taught him life lessons about faith, family, and farming. Testimonies of Nathan, Kendal, BrookeAnna, or Caelan can be shared as well. If desired, presentation can also include Greg (and wife BrookeAnna) performing his original Christian music on guitar and voice.

Length: 45 minutes- 1 hour

Online Presentation

We are open to giving online presentations over Facetime, Skype or some other webcam application. These presentations can be any combination of all of the above presentations. While this option lacks one of the main draws to our presentations (interacting with us live and in person), it is a great option for those who cannot afford to cover time and travel expenses on top of a speaker fee!

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Past Events

Peterson Farm Brothers:

  • AgriTechnica Farm Show (Germany)
  • National Cotton Conference (Australia)
  • NCBA National Convention (Nashville and San Antonio)
  • Sunbelt Ag Expo (Georgia)
  • Missouri Governor’s Conference
  • Oklahoma State Farm Bureau
  • Kansas State Farm Bureau
  • Idaho State Farm Bureau
  • Montana State Farm Bureau
  • Indiana State Farm Bureau
  • South Dakota State FFA Convention
  • Virginia State FFA Convention
  • Oklahoma State FFA Convention
  • Spokane Ag Expo
  • Texas State Fair (Dallas, TX)
  • Kansas Young Farmers and Ranchers
  • Nebraska Young Farmers and Ranchers
  • California Young Farmers and Ranchers
  • Salina, KS Farm Show and Exposition
  • Missouri State FFA Convention
  • Nebraska Agricultural Youth Institute
  • Iowa Games
  • Story County (Iowa) Fair
  • Farm Science Review (Ohio)
  • Illinois Rural Heritage Museum
  • Illinois Corn Picker’s Reunion
  • Florida State Farm Bureau
  • New York Young Farmers and Ranchers
  • Nebraska Alfalfa Marketing Association
  • Minnesota Cattle Association
  • Minnesota State FFA Convention
  • Story County Fair (Iowa)
  • Thayer County Fair (Nebraska)
  • Great Bend, KS Farm Show
  • Cayden’s Farm Safety Day
  • Great Plains Manufacturing Dealer Meeting
  • Oklahoma Ag in the Classroom

Greg Only:

  • Free State Agricultural Congress (South Africa)
  • World Food Day (Netherlands)
  • Young Farmers Forum (Germany)
  • Farm Forum Event (Canada)
  • Toronto Dairy Producers (Canada)
  • Ontario Beef Conference (Canada)
  • Farm Animal Council of Saskatchewan (Canada)
  • Animal Agricultural Summit (Washington DC)
  • Tennessee State FFA Convention
  • Arkansas State FFA Convention
  • Massachusetts State FFA Convention
  • Kansas State FFA Convention
  • Ag Chat Conference (Kansas City, MO)
  • North Dakota Young Farmers and Ranchers
  • Texas Young Farmers and Ranchers
  • Apple Jack Festival (Nebraska)
  • Gothenburg FFA Banquet (Nebraska)
  • Neodesha (KS) High School
  • Cloud County Community College
  • South Dakota Cattlemen’s Association
  • National Outstanding Young Farmers
  • Certified Angus Beef Convention
  • North Dakota State University
  • Nevada State Farm Bureau
  • Michigan State Farm Bureau
  • Arkansas State Farm Bureau
  • Great Lakes Crop Summit
  • Wisconsin Cattle Association