Sunflower Trails


Every fall we are opening up one of our sunflower fields located at Greg and BrookeAnna’s farmstead 2 miles north of Lindsborg, KS by Coronado Heights! You will be able to walk through trails in the field and take as many pictures as you like for $5 a person or $10 per family. You may also take home a sunflower head as a souvenir if you like for an additional $5 per head.

We had almost 1000 attendees this past year and have lots of great ideas and improvements for next year. Like our page The Heights – Wedding Reception Venue & Sunflower Agritourism to stay in touch for the announcement of what dates we will open in 2019!

Anticipated dates for 2019 are Aug 25 – September 5 (No guarantees…we’ll keep you posted!)

In 2019 we plan to open every morning and evening the sunflowers are at peak bloom for 10 days straight! We encourage you to check our website this summer for our anticipated open dates. We enjoy opening our field and farm to visitors!

Directions to Farm

2951 13th Ave. Lindsborg, KS 67456

From Lindsborg, head 2 miles north on 13th Ave/Burma Rd. until just before Coronado Heights Rd.

From Salina, head south on Burma Rd. until just past Coronado Heights Rd.

Once you get to the farm, turn down the driveway and check in at the house before entering the trails!

Things to Remember:

  • Put on bug spray and drink plenty of water
  • Dogs are welcome, as long as they are on a leash!
  • Be respectful to our flowers and others on the trail
  • Please tag our Facebook page @theheightslbk and Instagram page @theheightslbk in all of your pictures to share our location with others!
  • You can also refer people looking for a place to have a wedding or wedding reception as we are hosting in our fields, yard and Morton Building.
  • Check out our YouTube channel @petersonfarmbrothers to learn more about farming!
  • We’d like to encourage attendees to visit nearby Lindsborg, KS and Coronado Heights as part of their trip!

Pictures from 2018 “Sunflower Trails”

Facts and answers to FAQ about our sunflowers:

  • How are sunflowers harvested? Watch the video below!
  • The sunflower is the state flower of Kansas!
  • Kansas is the nation’s 5th leading producer of sunflowers.
  • There are several different types of sunflowers. Ours are High Oleic.
  • We plant our sunflowers in June or July (Learn more about how they are planted)
  • We harvest them in October or November (Learn more about how they are harvested)
  • Our sunflowers are taken to a nearby elevator and processed into either birdseed, cooking oil, or sunflower meal.
  • It is a common misconception that blooming sunflowers follow the sun. At times, when the buds are still small, ours will follow, but after they bloom they always face east! This is mainly because the heads are so heavy.
  • For more interesting facts, visit

We look forward to seeing you in 2019!