How much does it cost to book all of you?

Since we have a farm to operate, social media platforms to create for and maintain, and one of us is a student, it can be hard for us to leave home, especially in busier months! The fees we charge to speak are based on time commitment, distance traveled, and the overall convenience of the event. Please email Greg (click the contact tab above) for a customized quote for your event. If you do have a limited budget, it is much cheaper to book Greg by himself and avoid paying the travel costs of all 3 brothers. We also now have an option to speak over FaceTime or Skype! This option is also quite a bit cheaper than bringing us to your event in person (see presentations).

Will your program fit my audience?

The presentations can be catered to any group or event to fit the situation better. We give the presentations listed to groups ranging from older farmers, to business professionals, to high school groups, to elementary students and younger children. We try to make our presentation fit to the specific audience! We are also up to suggestions from you and what you think the audience needs to hear from us.

Our event is outdoors, do you require a screen and projector?

While we do prefer having a screen to play the videos on, if an event is held outdoors, it is not always feasible to have a projector and screen. For these types of events (such as county fairs), we mainly perform our songs and speak casually in between them in a similar way to our normal presentation.

What are your A/V needs?

(FAQ for booked events are answered on our contact page)

3 Handheld and/or Wireless Microphones, Audio Speakers, Projector, Projector Screen. We will bring a laptop to plug into the projector/audio system. We will bring adaptors (VGA/HDMI, Headphone to 1/4 inch audio) to fit our computer to the projector and audio.

Where can I find promotional material for events? 

Pictures for promotional material can be found here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/4j8a64wdkk9ak67/AAA2bUtpTqgh2cZgnKt1ZfCOa?dl=0

Biographies can be found on this page: http://www.petersonfarmbrothers.com/about